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The Scariest 2019 Internet Virus Predictions

By | source:Here Mar 14th, 2019

Nobody cares about computer viruses until your laptop is dead and you’ve lost every Game of Thrones season. The tragedy! Keep yourself informed and check out 2019’s virus predictions.

Picture this: you’re ready for a quiet evening working on a few loose ends and doing a bit of Netflix and chill with your new boo. You get home and fire up your computer. While you’re fixing a shamefully non-keto sandwich in the kitchen, you see a weird window appear on the screen.

You get closer while you chew on your refined carb-filled snack, and see your computer screen turn blue, then red. Then it starts blinking and suddenly, you smell smoke. It’s coming from the motherboard. RIP your laptop.

Melodramatic? YES. Real? Not exactly. Possible in a different way? DEFINITELY. Even though this little tale of IT horror probably won’t happen to you, that doesn’t mean you’re off the hook.

Cyber attacks are constant even when we don’t notice them, and now that our data is scattered in many places, it’s important to keep an eye out for the possibility of security threats.

The team at MacAfee put together this handy infographic with some of the scariest – yet very real, possible and currently in the works – virus predictions for 2019. Apparently, cybercriminals will work together to attack cloud storage. Is it time to start hoarding hard disks?