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The Actual Costs Of Falling In and Out of Love

By | source:Here Mar 15th, 2019

Romance. It’s exciting, scary, intimate, and costly. In a society that tends to focus mainly on the positives of love–the hugs, kisses, and big romantic gestures–it’s easy to overlook the price it comes with.

We’re often shown that if we find the perfect partner, we’ll be fulfilled and happy. But that’s a naive and unrealistic way of viewing romance. Being in love doesn’t mean life is going to be perfect, there are still so many things to worry about–stability, compatibility, jealousy, distance–it often leads to even more problems. So is it worth it? Emotionally, physically, financially? Maybe before tumbling head-over-heels in love with someone, it would be wise to consider how much falling in love can cost us, and worst-case-scenario, how much falling out would too.

This infographic focuses on the monetary part of love, starting from courting, to going on dates, the proposal, then marriage, and all the problems that normal married couples go through. Maybe for some people, it ends there. But some choose to go down the path of divorce, and the infographic covers that too.

So take your time to fall in love, be careful who you choose, make sure you’re happy, and consider the costs. In the end, I hope we all find that love is worth it.