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Safe Gaming

By | source: Apr 22nd, 2012

As an avid gamer, I find stories on the news about violent gamers to be sad for the most part. Being violent towards others is just not a natural part of being a gamer. I mean you shoot stuff and blow things up, but for the most part you’re just on a mission to get some good stuff done and have some silly, random fun in the meantime.

News stories about gamers that are not only violent, but that are also inciting violence among others? I find those to be disgusting, and misleading about gamers as a whole.

Most folks that play video games (at least the ones that I know) are very kind, understanding people that would rather help a fellow gamer work through any problem or situation they might have instead of antagonizing them.

Everyone struggles through personal issues and occasionally requires the help of others. Most rational people understand that basic fact about their fellow human beings and they would offer their help; why would gamers be any different? Why would they want to hurt one another?

My point is that gamers on the whole seem to have gotten a bad reputation that they don’t deserve, thanks to a small number of antisocial bullies who should be considered black sheep and not at all a valid representation of an otherwise placid, peaceful group of people.

Everyone I know just wants to play the game and have some fun with each other, isn’t that what it’s all about?

For more information and statistics about gamers and their rising positive reputation, refer to the following infographic hosted by DeviantArt. [Via]