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Safari at Kruger Park – What to Expect?

By | source:African Safari Home May 4th, 2017

Driving down a dirt path, wind in my hair, with a guy holding a shotgun in the front seat, that’s how I’ve dreamed my safari experience will be.  I don’t expect any chance encounters with majestic elephants or lions on my city block, so my only hope to see genuine wildlife is catching a safari.

My time in South Africa was too short, but I heard about incredible experiences at the Kruger National Park.  Elephants ambling down the side of the road, undisturbed by the (relatively) tiny Jeep getting closer for a look.  Craning your neck to catch the outstretched head of the giraffe.  The full array of traditional African wildlife is available for an authentic African trip, with year-round hot weather to boot.

Kruger Park has become the cornerstone of wildlife conservation throughout South Africa, boasting the largest number of indigenous wildlife in the country. Rhinos, lions, elephants, buffalos, and leopards – Africa’s Big 5 – have all been preserved for visitors to observe and appreciate. Today’s infographic paints a more detailed picture of what you’ll see.

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