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Rock Your Webinar: 10 Fun Tips

By | source: Mar 11th, 2014

First, there were seminars — which sometimes included stuffy offices packed with coworkers and their bosses, who listened to boring speeches about reading more office memos, or upping productivity levels. Now, there are “webinars,” which actually seem kind of cool. A webinar is simply an online seminar — or web conference. You can take in the information from your webinar in the comfort of your own home — and in warm, fuzzy slippers, if you so choose. They can be sent through data streams of text-based messages, or voice and video chat.

In this day and age, it’s harder than ever to catch and hold one’s attention, so, if you’re preparing a presentation, you have to do everything in your power to make it snappy and well-received. Today’s infographic gives tips on how to give a kick-ass webinar.

Top tips: get to the point — don’t waste your audience’s valuable time; engage your audience — let them know that you’re there to solve a problem; make your presentation short and sweet — leave them wanting more; be confident — or fake it til you make it; be positive — you should at least try to have fun, and then maybe they will too; and “build momentum until you cross the finish line then wave, bow, and go.”

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