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Rise of the Machines: Robots as Teaching Aides

By | source: Jun 3rd, 2012

Think back to when you were in grade school; were there ever any special tools or devices that teachers would sometimes use that got you excited about learning? I know that for me, any time that we were able to watch something on TV or use the computer lab, or even use dry-erase boards, the day was going to be more fun than usual. Kids going to school today, though, would be put to sleep by that sort of thing; now computers and even tablets in the classroom are becoming more and more common and they’re allowing kids to have fun while they’re learning.

This new generation’s children are going to have something even cooler coming their way in terms of in-class technology: robots. Robotic technology is advancing to the point that kids in select classrooms the world over are being taught to build their own robots on a simple level, and the technology is only going to grow from there and give kids a new outlet for learning. Besides, what kid wouldn’t want their own robot?

Today’s infographic from shows how robotic technology is advancing and how it will hopefully be integrated into learning in the not-too-distant future.

My favorite point of the graphic comes from the story of the kid who, thanks to a heart condition, is unable to attend school and sends a robot in his place instead. Awesome.

For more details on this growing trend refer to the infographic below and