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Bald And Beautiful – 10 Of The Best Paid Bald Actors

By | source:Here Mar 9th, 2021

Today’s infographic takes a look at a subject that I’m sure you’ve never thought about in your own free time.

That subject is which bald actors have been the highest-grossing in Hollywood. This infographic focuses on a bit of a comedic subject and shows the bald actors that bring in the most cheddar–or at least have been in movies with the most cheddar.

Number one is living legend, Samuel L. Jackson. Jackson has been in various movies throughout the years, from Pulp Fiction to the Star Wars franchise. He hasn’t limited himself to live-action roles either, as he’s also starred in animated films, including his most famous animated role, Frozone of The Incredibles franchise. Jackson over the years has been in movies that have grossed $27.5B, more than double the amount of second place. Given how high-profile nearly all of Jackson’s roles have been, this should come as no surprise.

The previously mentioned person in second place is Dwayne ‘The Rock” Johnson. He has been in movies that have grossed $12.2B, and this number is sure to go up given that Johnson has quickly cemented himself as a top action film star.

If you’re interested in seeing who trails these two, be sure to look at the rest of today’s infographic!