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Reddit’s Guide to Fitness

By | source: Jan 5th, 2012

Get ready, this infographic packs a punch. The graphic provides a rundown of fitness tips provided by reddit users. I found this infographic particularly interesting and useful. Aggregating information from many sources is a great way to educate while allowing for debate and alteration. I encourage you readers to comment with anything you think is incorrect or enforce certain tips you agree with. I will start by giving a thumbs up for Vibram Five Fingers and a thumbs down to the gallon of milk a day (GOMAD) diet. Milk is delicious no doubt, but like most things, I believe moderation is best.

There’s no doubt that many of you have fitness-related New Year’s resolutions. I hope that all of you drop your resolutions so I have more room in the gym. I hate waiting for exercise machines. Just kidding, I encourage you all to keep up with your goals and feel good about your bodies. The key to success is to not be intimidated by bigger, more fit people in the gym, but rather strive to beat them. [Via]