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Reddit Recap 2014

By | source:Reddit May 8th, 2015

Reddit has championed the online realm for the past few years. I remember a long time ago when I was an avid digg user, and digg decided to suck. I, with tens of thousands of other users, made the mass migration over to a superior community.

Reddit isn’t all that cool though. It’s a big time waster, there are a lot of trolls and ‘reposts’. Out of all online communities, Reddit does focus the most on OC (original content). There is some real, quality content submitted by Reddit users on a daily basis. Their AMA (ask me anything) subreddit is a goldmine for celebrities and politicians. Giving the little guy a chance to have their personal questions answered as close to face-to-face as they’d ever get.

Reddit’s extreme growth is nothing to balk at. There were 59+ million Reddit posts last year. That’s ridiculous, but what’s even more astounding is the 17 billion page views. Daily Infographic only receives 16 billion a year…

Reddit’s communities really are it’s bread and butter. Fishing, coding, fashion, bird with arms, you name it – Reddit has it. Go give Reddit a try, or don’t, looks like they don’t need anymore users.