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The Crazy History (And Future) Of WiFi

By | source:Here Oct 24th, 2019

Have you heard about the new Wi-Fi 6? Take a look at the history of WiFi and see the possibilities the future holds.

It wasn’t that long ago that we could only access the Internet as long as nobody was talking on the phone. Fast-forward a couple decades later and we’re all carrying one –or more- smartphones as if they were another limb.

Technology is here to stay, and more than 90% of American households have at least one device connected to the internet. In fact, most homes have around 25 smart devices connected to their networks. By 2022, the typical American home will have around 50 smart devices, all hooked to the internet.

If you thought your good ole’ router would still be up for the task in a couple of years, think again. Most homes have routers from 2008 and later. This means, you probably already have WiFi 4 and Wifi 5.

The problem with that is there are only so many devices it can support, and the more devices connected, the slower it gets. But there’s an answer: Upgrade to WiFi 6.

In November 2018, the WiFi Alliance (yes, that’s the actual name) unveiled their new tech. WiFi 6 improves wireless efficiency in your home network, allowing for multiple sources to simultaneously handle streaming while working with even more data.

Want to know more? Today’s infographic will take you from the dark past of the internet to the bright future…powered by WiFi 6, of course.