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How To Build The Perfect Bouquet

By | source:Here Apr 16th, 2020

Flowers are something that everyone can appreciate. If you’ve been to a wedding, you probably saw a few people holding bouquets brimming with bright flowers. A well-made bouquet is something that takes time and knowledge of multiple factors, which is why they can be so expensive with some of them ranging up to $600.

Anyone can just throw some flowers into a vase. However, a good florist knows all about how to put together a bunch of flowers in ways that look great while conveying different meanings. First and foremost, the colors and shapes of the flowers are at the top of the list when putting together a bouquet. The flowers need to look like they go together, while still being different enough to create contrast. This can be achieved by balancing the colors and shapes. 

The meaning of the bouquet can also be expressed in a variety of ways. Many people associate red and pink with love, which makes this a common bouquet for weddings, anniversaries, and Valentine’s Day. On the other hand, daisies are thought of in an innocent, childlike way, making these a popular choice for flower girl bouquets in weddings. 

Although you may not plan on becoming a master bouquet-builder anytime soon, if you want to appreciate the work that goes into making a great bouquet then check out this infographic explaining the different types.