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Planning A Summer Road Trip?

By | source: Jun 23rd, 2013

While traveling often leads to amazing and powerful experiences, it can sometimes be maddening. Especially when long road trips are involved. I can remember countless long drives with my family where I would stare out the window until I was bored with the scenery, try to read a book and get hellishly car sick, or watch rain drops “race” each other down the windows, while my brother and I would place bets on the winning drops.

Being trapped in the car for hours on end may give you the chance to bond with your friends and family, but it can also make you feel completely crazy. Singing “99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall” is only entertaining for about five bottles in, and the “I Spy” game isn’t exactly the most stimulating activity you can do.

To stay safe and sane in the car while taking road trips, it’s important to take breaks from driving, pack healthy snacks, and take into consideration the automobile hazards mentioned in today’s infographic. Crash risks, traffic congestion, and high gas prices are all important factors to consider when planning your trip.

Check out these issues in ten popular vacation destinations and stay safe on the road! [Erie Insurance]