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Pick Your Poison

By | source: Jan 24th, 2012

Happy Tuesday! While Tuesday isn’t the most exciting day of the week, as it is just after Monday and very far away from Friday, hopefully today’s infographic will inspire you to take a mid week break for a little fun! Maybe hit up a happy hour, perhaps dollar beer night at Cain and Ables if you fall into the beer loving category or House Wine for you wine-o’s (both local Austin establishments).

This post gives an interesting insight to American adult alcohol preference. As someone who is around a lot of drinkers most of the time, I feel that I could have accurately predicted some of the information presented, which is not usually the case for my infographics. For example, I would have guessed that more females prefer wine and more males prefer beer. I also would have guessed that midwesterners prefer beer, and I can say that as a midwesterner. I am a bit surprised that liquor remains in third place in every category. Well infographers, pick your poison and bottoms up! [Via]