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When To Book Your Perfect Disney Vacation

By | source:Here Aug 14th, 2019

Imagine a perfect day in Disney World: lots of sunshine, not too hot to be unbearable, and no crowds. Sounds impossible? Although you can’t really control the weather, it’s possible to avoid crowds. –if you know these insiders secrets! Here’s everything you need to know to avoid the long lines when visiting Disney World.

Disney is incredibly popular. Huge castles, your favorite characters, themed restaurants, and thrilling rides are all in one place. Come on, you can even watch wild animals just as if you were on a safari! Truth be told, the worst part about this vacation is standing in lines. On a bad day, you could be in line for half the time you actually spend on the park. That’s waaay too much for my taste!

Of course, you can always try those fancy VIP passes Disney offers. They allow you to skip the lines, making it easy to enjoy all the most popular rides without standing for hours in the sun. Except, what if you don’t want to spend that kind of money? Going to theme parks is usually a big, planned vacation, and line-skipping passes might simply not be in the budget.

Either way, there are some tips that might be useful to skip the crowds, even without paying extra fees. Getting there early, for example. If you’re visiting during the busiest season, you have a slight advantage: parks open earlier and stay open longer. I know it’s supposed to be a vacation, but if you make the effort to get up at the crack of dawn, you’ll be able to hit fan-favorite rides without the crowds.

You could also stay inside the amusement park. Being right there guarantees zero commuting time, ensuring most of your day is spent enjoying the parks instead of going back and forth to your hotel. It might be pricier, but worth it.

Finally, check out today’s crowd calendar for 2019! It has all the info so you know exactly when the parks are the least busy, so you can book your trips accordingly.
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