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How To Overcome Shame And Guilt To Experience Wholehearted Living

By | source:Here May 27th, 2021

Shame is a painful emotion that most of us will feel at one stage or another. It shows up as a poor evaluation of self.  Guilt on the other hand is a feeling of remorse, the knowledge that you have done something wrong. It is healthier emotion than shame. This infographic highlights the differences between the two emotions. It also offers pointers on how to deal with shame and live a happier life.

Shame happens in all areas of life, whether it’s money or parenting, as discussed in this empowering podcast.


It proposes that we are all imperfect and that when we nurture courage, compassion and connection we can overcome the feelings of shame. First, we must have the courage to admit that we are imperfect. Then have the compassion to understand that we are all equal in our imperfection. From this will come a sense of connection with others and stop worrying about what they think of us. This is the proposition of the Wholehearted Living Guideposts developed by Brené Brown.

She defined the concept as “engaging in our lives from a place of worthiness.” It is about understanding that you are imperfect but that your life is still worthwhile.

In her quest for Wholehearted Living Brown came up with ten guideposts. These are intended to help people to step away from their fear of vulnerability and help them to meet their full potential.

Developing a wholehearted life means moving out of your comfort zone and facing your self-doubts. This is not a change that will happen in a day. It is a lifelong process that will need regular re-affirmation.