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Olympic Players Disqualified For Drug Use

By | source:FloridaBeachRehab Apr 11th, 2015

I always like to think that if an alien race were to come upon our tiny blue planet they would be most impressed with our Olympic Games. For a few weeks every few years every country on earth gets to compete in a vast variety of athletic showmanship. Olympic Athletes are the pride and joy of each country with the power to unite even the most torn nations.

With such responsibility comes the overwhelming need to preform on another level. This need can cause some athletes to forego good judgement and indulge in performance enhancing drugs. Between the Beijing Olympics and London’s the number of athletes disqualified for using drugs has decreased by two. Well, it actually increased by three when counting human’s with drugs in their system. That’s right, during Beijing six equestrian athletes from six different developed nations drugged their horses in hopes of gaining the competitive advantage.

Although track competitors are still the most likely to use drugs, all sports must watch out for drug abuse. We’ll need to keep our eyes on the games coming up in Rio de Janeiro next summer to see if the trend continues.