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Older Workers Waste Less Time

By | source: Jan 8th, 2015

Time is a precious commodity that everybody uses in their daily life. Time at work should be used for business purposes, but that does not happen all the time. Not all people waste time; some are diligently working while others are using their time chatting with fellow employees, calling friends and family on the phone, or reading text messages. The following infographic shows that older workers do not waste as much time as younger workers.

One of the interesting figures is that out of a 40 hour work week, 18 hours is spent surfing the web. That means that only 22 hours are spent on working. Additionally, 77 percent of workers are on Facebook during working hours. (I guess that is why my newsfeed is constantly updating.) Social media sites are not the only ones being visited; fantasy football leagues are also a major distraction. Time and information is needed to decide on who to play.

Older workers waste less time for a variety of reasons. Some are dedicated workers, some are not social media savvy, and some don’t have access to a computer. Whatever the reason, older workers are more conscious about the time they spend at work. Remember, everyone is equal under the law, but older workers are most cost effective.