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Need a Safe?

By | source: Jan 21st, 2013

Some things are best kept locked up. While I am a safe-less 22 year old with few valuable possessions, safes are the obvious solution to many safety and security problems. Safes are commonly used for gun storage, passports and other important documents and valuable jewelry, but in 2008 many felt that harboring their hard earned cash was safer than keeping it in a bank. People began withdrawing money from their bank accounts and storing it in safes in their home. Safe and vault manufacturing revenue grew by around 12%.

Today’s infographic is a great guide for the novice safe-buyer. Where are safes commonly kept? Well, you can have them built into the wall and the floor. Stored in the garage or the basement. Safes also come in various shapes and sizes. Asses your needs, consult the infographic and start keeping your valuables/guns stored safely and securely. [Via]