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25 US Cities Plagued With Natural Disasters

By | source:Here Oct 25th, 2020

One part of life we tend to overlook until it actually happens to us personally is natural disasters.

Today’s infographic covers the topic of natural disasters and lists which counties around the United States are most susceptible to them. While we do not enjoy seeing these, as they cause destruction of property, injuries, loss of life, and other things, they are simply a part of our everyday lives that we have adjusted to. The most frequent disasters overall are severe storms, hurricanes, and floods, with hurricanes often being the most dangerous and destructive.

As you can see in this infographic, there are some states and areas that are simply far more susceptible to natural disasters than others. One such state is California, more specifically Southern California. Out of the top ten counties with the most natural disasters, five are located in California. The most common natural disasters in California are fires, with wildfires in California being a pretty frequent occurrence (there were 7,860 wildfires reported in 2019 alone!).

Another state with various counties ranking high on this list is Oklahoma. In Oklahoma, the most common disasters are severe storms and fires. Oklahoma is in a region of the United States called Tornado Alley, which causes it to be such a hotbed for violent storms.

If you would like to be better informed on natural disasters, be sure to finish the rest of today’s infographic!