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Men vs. Women: Online Shopping

By | source: Jul 18th, 2011

Guess what men, today you are going to spend more money shopping than women. Today’s infographic entitled Men vs. Women: Online Shopping Habits chronicles, that’s right, you guessed it, the shopping habits of men and women. As it turns out the difference in the amount of money spent shopping online is greatest right when both sexes hit the 45-54 age range. Interestingly enough this is also when both genders see a drop in their spending habits. Men spend less because of their midlife crisis and women, according to the infographic, hit the prime of their career during this time and simply have less time to shop.

As it turns out, men are the tenured online shoppers, therefore they feel more comfortable buying big ticket items averaging $67.82. Significantly higher than the average online purchase of women coming in at $51.84.

Personally, I think shopping online is a really cool thing. Often I find that shopping online, at least for electronics, is cheaper, and what’s more you don’t have to use gas going to the store. Shopping online also allows you to compare prices easier rather than going store to store talking to sales people who have no idea what’s going on. Instead you can just do a google search with your question and have tons answers at your finger tips. [Cash Back and Coupons]

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