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Meet The Biggest Landowners In The World

By | source:Here Jun 17th, 2023

Land is a pretty big deal, and the amount of land that people can claim as their own is an important measure of wealth. But who really owns all that land? There are many different types of institutions and individuals who hold large amounts of property—from governments to corporations to religious groups. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the biggest landowners in the world.

King Charles III and The British Royal Family (6,600,000,000 acres)

While the land ownership of King Charles III may seem excessive, it’s not even close to being the biggest in the world. The Catholic Church owns an estimated 177 million acres around the world, which makes them by far the largest landowners on Earth. In second place is Canada’s Inuit people who own 87 million acres spread across Nunavut (Northwest Territory), Yukon and Northwest Territories in Canada as well as Alaska and Greenland.


The Catholic Church (177,000,000 acres)

The Catholic Church is the largest landowner in the world, with its holdings totaling over 177 million acres. These include vineyards and wineries as well as farms that produce food for sale or distribution to local communities. The Church also owns property used for religious purposes like schools and churches, but it also maintains vast tracts of land that have no immediate use or value (other than being owned by someone). The Catholic Church’s vast landholdings are spread across many countries including Italy (19 million acres), Brazil (13 million acres) and France (9 million acres). Some countries don’t allow religious organizations to own property at all; others allow them only within certain limits or restrictions based on historical precedent set by past rulers who didn’t want certain groups having too much power over their citizens – like England’s Statute of Wills which was created during Henry VIII’s reign as king because he wanted everyone else besides him having any control over what happened after his death!


Inuit People of Nunavut (87,500,000 acres)

Nunavut is a territory of Canada, located north of the Arctic Circle. It was created in 1999 when the eastern part of the Northwest Territories was separated and given its own government. The word “Nunavut” means “our land” in Inuktitut, which is one of several languages spoken by Inuit people living there. Inuit have lived in Nunavut for over 5,000 years; they are thought to have migrated from Alaska during an ice age when sea levels were lower than today’s levels. Today there are about 30,000 people living in this area–about 85% are Inuit (also known as Eskimo). They own 87 million acres–more than twice as much land as all private landowners in Europe combined!


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