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6 Surprising Facts About Maple Syrup

By | source:Here Jul 15th, 2019

Pancakes for breakfast just wouldn’t be the same without maple syrup. Although it can get pricey, it’s well worth it. Sorry, Aunt Jemima, this time we need the real stuff.

 This sweet liquid gold comes from a very particular place. In fact, the place it comes from has a maple leaf on its flag and is well known for their spectacular fall foliage. Contrary to popular belief, Canada has much more to offer than just hockey.  

Last year the Great White North produced 9.7 million gallons of maple syrup. To put things in perspective, that’s enough maple syrup to fill up roughly 15 Olympic size pools. Interestingly, 90% of it was produced in Quebec.

As you may already know, maple syrup isn’t cheap by any means. The average price per gallon is around $35. As a result, Canada raked in close to $385 million just from their syrup.

So who in the world needs that much syrup? Canada’s most loyal client is the US. From the 8 million gallons of export, 5 million went south of the border. The second highest importer of maple syrup is Germany, which brought in 800k gallons last year.

Next time you enjoy the rich taste of maple syrup, don’t forget to pay homage to its main distributor…Even if they charge an arm and a leg for it.