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Don’t Learn Harder, Learn Smarter

By | source:Here Nov 7th, 2020

I have never had a problem studying and learning new things, but I have watched as others have battled to prepare for tests and exams. They have one thing in common: they’ve never learned the techniques for learning.

This infographic offers some useful pointers on effective learning techniques. Read as much as you can, but it is also important to read for understanding. How often do you get halfway through a chapter and then realize that your mind has wandered down to the beach as you were reading? I find that underlining and making notes throughout the process ensures that you stay present in the work.

To test yourself try to answer questions throughout the process. If you can find someone else who is battling with the subject at hand, it will really help to teach them.

If you can get your hands on old exam papers, doing past tests can help you to become accustomed to the way in which the questions are framed. This is especially useful if you have a full set of ideal answers.

For me, mind maps offer the perfect last-minute reminder of the work before the exam. They are also useful when planning exam essays as you can quickly structure your essay and then use the mind map as a reminder of what you want to cover.

Don’t forget that your brain needs fuel for optimal performance. Make sure that you eat well while studying and just before the exam. Good luck!