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Kids and STEM

By | source: Oct 16th, 2014

Science is the future. And today’s children are tomorrow’s adults. And I’m a young adult writing for DailyInfographic, but I still care about the progress of technology. Science, technology, engineering, and math occupations are some of the most challenging yet rewarding fields to pursue. Jobs within these realms provide an atmosphere that promotes the union of exploratory creativity with focused practice of standard knowledge, generating some of the most intelligent individuals around. And the entire world benefits from the work of these people.

Almost 50 percent of economic growth in the past 50 years can be attributed to advances in technology alone. And every second, the world is only becoming more and more technological. Engineering jobs are expected to grow, and so engineering degrees are in high demand.

But even if after receiving some kind of STEM degree, one was to decide to follow another career path, he/she would most likely receive higher earnings than someone with a non-STEM degree. Most people who pursue a STEM degree, however, choose to do so well before college anyway. About 93 percent of U.S. parents believe that STEM education is a must. And even though I am not a parent, I could not agree more.

Science is the most important study of all. It is the mother to all other subjects. It is essentially just learning. We, as human beings, are obliged to answer our own questions.  Where did we come from? Why are we here? Where are we going? These questions give us purpose, and we must fulfill that purpose. [DestinationScience]