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The Next Step On Your Journey To Zero-Waste

By | source:Here Sep 12th, 2021

Bokashi fermenting is your golden ticket to a more sustainable lifestyle. 

I love our planet earth. I love the beautiful blue skies and sprawling oceans, the majestic mountain ranges, and rich green forests. On the other hand, I also love food. It may be embarrassing, but take-out containers and pizza boxes have a way of putting a smile on both my face and my stomach. 

Thankfully, with Bokashi fermenting, my love for food doesn’t have to counteract my passion for preserving Mother Earth’s flourishing. In the past, I’ve tried to reduce my food waste through traditional composting but oftentimes gave up because of how long and labor-intensive the process can be. Additionally, my environmental guilt was never quite diminished while I was composting, because I knew that the process was still releasing greenhouse gasses into our environment. 

Except for the initial startup costs to either purchase or build your Bokashi bran and bin, you really can’t go wrong with implementing this fermenting process into your daily routine. If you’ve got a green thumb as I do, your plants will be singing your praises for all of the amazing nutrients that they can soak up from the tea that Bokashi produces. Additionally, the future of humanity will be forever grateful, because Bokashi doesn’t pump any toxic greenhouse gasses into the air. 

We only have one planet, and with Bokashi, we can all do our part to protect it.