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Job Interviewing 101

By | source: Mar 17th, 2013

I’m a fairly recent grad, and as disheartening as this may be, it was nowhere near easy to land a job–or even an interview–after graduation. I blanketed resumes, stalked people on LinkedIn, and scoured through company’s websites, only to receive no call back. I felt compelled on a daily basis, to march straight into the office of every organization’s CEO and riddle him or her in a distressed, but respectful tone, “Tell me how on earth am I supposed to gain the required experience to work in an organization such as your own if no one will let me gain it. Please, I am dying to know!” Then, after living out that fantasy in my head, I would continue submitting resumes online. It’s really the only thing to do, keep trying, and when you finally get an interview, kill it.

The organization I am currently working for threw every type of interview and interviewer my way, and had I not been ready for the worst, I wouldn’t have gotten the job. This infographic outlines the different types of interviews and the various versions of interviewers that come a long with them. Be prepared, don’t let “The Nice Guy” throw any curve balls. They are more times than not, the trickiest!