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It’s International Coffee Day!

By | source: Sep 29th, 2014

I love coffee. I’m not prejudiced, either. I’ll take it any way I can get it – regular, decaf, flavored, hot, iced, frozen, with cream, without cream, sweetened, unsweetened, or spiked. I’ll take it all. Hell, I even like coffee-flavored ice cream.

Seriously though, this infographic has me pegged. As a 23-year-old woman living in the South, I will buy a fancy, sweetened cup of coffee, with milk, for $3 or more occasionally. The only thing I’m not so sure I identify with is the waiting in line thing. I am not a patient person. Not even for my coffee. However, I do own a Keurig, and I am not above making my own super tasty coffee at home. (That’s the best place to spike it.)

Being such a coffee fanatic, I was very surprised to learn today is International Coffee Day. Normally, I miss all the good days. (I’m looking at you, National Cheeseburger Day.) I’m just so glad I found out in time (precisely 12:03 a.m.), because now I can celebrate in the best way possible – WITH COFFEE! I don’t know who decided to come up with all of these awesome national and international days, but I’d like to shake their hand. And share a cup of coffee. Or a cheeseburger.