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2014 – Is the Future Now?

By | source: Sep 28th, 2014

As new innovations come out each year, it is fun to take a look back on how previous generations imagine the future might look. A lot of predictions about technological advancements were done in books, cartoons, and TV shows. Some of those predictions have come true, others are still in development, and some are still on the drawing board. The infographic below elaborates on some of the innovations that were imagined by previous generations.

First in the YES! category, wearable technology is all over the news nowadays. These wearable devices are meant to assist everyone and some already exist. The only complaint is the size of the display of the devices, as carrying a magnifying glass can be cumbersome. The question arises: what other wearable devices would you use?

Next in the SORT OF? category, the flying car is interesting. We have gasoline, hybrids, electrical cars, and now we want to fly. Yet with all the accidents on the road, imagine in the air with no lanes.

Lastly in the NOT YETâ?¦ category, high speed traveling is most intriguing. Weâ??ve traveled by foot, horse, train, car, and airplane, but speed has not increased sufficiently. When high speed travel is achieved, Iâ??ll be first in line with my cane.

Our modern world has many technological advances but are we living in the future? Maybe. We are far along, but innovations should continue until the end of time.