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Is Salt Intake Leading Towards Obesity?

By | Mar 30th, 2016

You know how most people have an undeniable sweet tooth that sends them hurling towards cupcakes, candy, and sodas? I kind of wish I had that, but I have a salty tooth. Too many sweets or something too sweet will give me a tummy ache, along with a throbbing headache.
Most people with a sweet tooth can revel in their sugary afterglow, known as a sugar high. In contrast, whenever I indulge in a salty treat, I get puffy, thirsty and bloated. If I have a salty snack any time after 5 p.m., I wake up parched with swollen fingers.

Today’s infographic shows the correlation between salt consumption and obesity rates. Although salt is delicious, it is looking like myself, and my nation will be needing to cut down on sodium. Actually, if 181 countries out of 187 are consuming too much salt, maybe we all need a break.