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Info Quest

By | source: Aug 28th, 2013

Nobody likes a mess–especially in the workplace. Most of us want to go to work, get through our day, do our jobs well, and go on living our lives. Rather than digging through piles and piles of misplaced information, take some time to get yourself organized. You may actually find that organizing your work and yourself can be one of the most productive uses of your time, no matter what job you have to do.

Finding the information necessary to do your job is often more difficult than doing the work itself. Today’s infographic shows how information is scattered everywhere–across hard-drives, the cloud, e-mail, and locked away in the memory of your co-workers. Trying to navigate the unavoidable influx of spam and remembering where something is stored can be overwhelming. Searching for and actually finding the information you need is often futile.

This frustrating process wastes both valuable time and brainpower at the expense of productivity. Join Chuck, an average employee embarking on a search for vital information, and discover the pitfalls of poor information management in this interactive infographic, presented by Atlassian. (Learn from Chuck, don’t be like him!)


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