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The Human Brain – Marvelous In Its Complexity

By | source:Here Oct 27th, 2020

The human brain is pretty amazing. Relative to body weight, it’s the largest among vertebrates and accounts for about 2% of our body weight. The size of your brain doesn’t correlate with its weight, however, and brain size differs considerably between one human and another.

The reason humans are more intelligent than other animals is because of the vast number of neurons in the brain. Billions of neurons are accommodated in the folds on the brain’s surface. These neurons are responsible for collecting and transmitting electro-chemical signals.

The left side of the brain controls the right side of the body and vice versa. The separate hemispheres also have different areas of control when it comes to calculations and creativity, leading people to claim right brain or left brain control. Both hemispheres of the brain work together, however, and there is no scientific reason to believe that a more dominant side will influence our abilities.

The brain is totally separated from the bloodstream, preventing toxins and pathogens from affecting its function. It has a semi-permeable membrane that allows oxygen through without allowing blood into the area. The brain is fragile and is easily injured which is why it is contained in the skull and surrounded by fluid.

This infographic offers some fascinating additional facts about the remarkable organ we call the brain.