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How To Use Instagram To Grow Your Business

By | source:Here May 4th, 2019

Instagram has positioned itself as one of the most important social media platforms. And where consumers go, marketers follow. Is your e-commerce taking advantage of the opportunities Instagram can offer? Here is everything you need to know to learn how to use Instagram to grow your business.

Did you know that two-thirds of the visitors to Instagram business profiles are people who aren’t followers -yet-? This opens the door to a world of possibilities to expand your marketing strategy. This is especially true when it comes to small and medium businesses: as a very low-cost alternative to traditional advertising channels, Instagram marketing is a cost-effective way to get your brand known among your target audience.

Here are some other reasons that make Instagram a great choice:

  • Your customers can like your brand even before trying it: People are visual creatures. By putting out a cohesive and harmonious aesthetic in your posts your audience will start to like your product and message without spending the first dollars. This makes it easier for them to buy from your brand.
  • People are loyal when they feel they can trust your brand: Following the likeability factor, when customers like you they are willing to trust your voice (and buy from you).
  • You can build strong relationships: If you’re active on social media for a decent amount of time, you’ll already have the leverage of an old relationship. This way, when your audience is confronted with the competition, they’re more likely to go with the brand they know and trust for the longest time.

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