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How To Use Data As A Small Business

By | source:Here May 9th, 2017

Data runs the world now more than ever. There are 2.5 quintillion bytes of data generated each day. Some of it comes from social media posts, videos, digital media, and some if comes from business transaction records, text messages, climate sensor feedback, and from many, many different sources.

Not so long ago, companies believed that only big enterprises can benefit from such data, but the latest studies have shown a different picture. Even small businesses can benefit from gathering data about their clients and customers. They can use it to improve their services and products, create something that the market truly wants, expand their reach, boost their revenue, etc.

Naturally, with so much data flowing around it is hard to pinpoint exactly what to focus on. Gathering data about something that is completely irrelevant to your business can cost you a lot of money and you won’t get anything in return. This beautiful infographic will show you all ins and outs of data harnessing. Learn how to successfully gather relevant data and turn it into a fuel to drive your small business to the next level.