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How to Tell if You Need a Will

By | source:Legal123 May 25th, 2016

Planning for the aftermath of your death isn’t fun, but it’s very important. This infographic will walk you through the when and why of making a will. 

The most valuable knowledge here, for me, is the fact that certain life events, like marriage, remarriage, or divorce, can invalidate an existing will. That does make sense, but I had no idea.

Setting up a will is a thing you do for others, not for yourself. It sounds like tedious work but it’s nothing compared to what your family will have to go through if you snuff it with no clear legal instructions for what should happen to your stuff. Things can get really messy, especially if there are any significantly valuable assets involved.

It’s extra important to have a will if you have any dependents. Children is an obvious one, but what is going to happen to your pets if you die? Leaving them to someone in your will is a good way to be sure they’re taken care of, but it’s probably best to check with the person first.

If you do leave someone your pet, it would be nice to include a bit of dough to help cover the costs of keeping an animal. Not sure how much that would be? We’ve got an infographic on the cost of keeping dogs and cats that can help you out.