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How to Properly Use a Foam Roller

By | source: Feb 28th, 2013

Hopefully you’ve started incorporating interval training into your workouts after my post last week. If you did, then your probably experiencing some extreme soreness in your body, especially in your legs. Your muscles are not used to using so much energy at one time, which leaves them fatigued, and ultimately sore.

But alas, thank goodness for the foam roller. The foam roller is exactly what it’s name implies, a large roll of hard foam. It is used to massage sore muscles and tendons using body weight as pressure. Today’s infographic lists some types of foam rollers to try, as well as some exercises to massage out sore muscles. My legs and butt have defiantly benefited from this wonderful contraption. It’s almost essential for all athletes to own one. Try it out and relief those sore muscles! [via]