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How to Pick the Name of Your Advertising Agency

By | source:Rob & Joe Jun 6th, 2016

This fun, well laid out infographic is a map of the naming patterns of a whole bunch of ad agencies.

So how about naming your ad agency? Well if you and your partner(s) have last names that fit together well, you can’t go wrong with a good, old fashioned So-and-so & So-and-so, with perhaps some associates thrown on. Too long for you? Initialize it! S, S, & Associates. Name achieved.

But maybe the fact that it’s old fashioned is a mark against it. To make a more modern and fun ad agency name, simply pick two of major categories on this page and make it so. How about Inanimate Objects and Living Things? Ok let’s go further into Humans and Tools… Man Drill! Wait, a mandrill is a kind of primate, so does that just count as an animal, in the end? Let’s try again.

Let’s do a Place and an Abstract Concept. Those categories don’t intersect yet so we can be totally original. How about Benevolent Peninsula? Hateful Gorge? Alley Justice? This isn’t going that well, but considering that someone named their agency “Jam” and got away with it, we’re probably overthinking.

For additional inspiration, check out this similarly styled infographic on the Taxonomy of Rap Names.