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How to Live to 100

By | source: Jul 29th, 2013

Living one’s life more healthily can often be quite a big change from how they normally do things, but it doesn’t all need to be tackled at once. One step at a time, people can and do make themselves healthier every day and as a result, we’re living longer as a whole. There are as many proactive steps to a long, healthy life as there are preventative steps, and there’s never a better time to start the healthy lifestyle than at a young age.

Today’s infographic from BMI Healthcare gives us a look at some of the main health issues and problems that face young people, and what can be done in order to ensure everyone’s good health. After all, the path to living to 100 starts at a young age. Some of the best ways to stay healthy really seem like common knowledge, but it’s often easy to forget or overlook something that will make us healthier in favor of something easier instead. Making sure kids are active is key, along with a healthy, balanced diet. Your kids aren’t into traditional sports like soccer or football? You’re in luck, because there are literally hundreds of other active activities they could choose from that will keep them moving as well as entertained.

For more info on how to stay healthy (and maybe just reach that century milestone), have a look at the graphic below. [Via]