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Want To Live Forever? Here Are The Do’s And Do Not’s

By | source:Here Sep 7th, 2019

Humans are living longer and longer lives, particularly in developed countries; it’s no secret that the average lifespan is increasing. Nonetheless, there are still some habits that can help you live a long and healthy life–as well as some habits to avoid.

Of course, not all advice is created equal, which is why the color-coding on this infographic is so uniquely helpful: it classifies each tip into ‘suggestive’, ‘good’, or ‘strong’, depending on how weighty the scientific evidence supporting it is. Some of the more surprising advice has an understandably more dubious backing, such as the statement that sleeping too much may decrease your lifespan. (Finding an ideal amount of sleep is tricky, but sleeping through every cycle is vital for your brain health.)

Other tips may seem to contradict each other: going to church regularly increases your lifespan, as does being polygamous. (Maybe finding the right church is the key.) The ‘don’ts’ are somewhat more obvious, and include not becoming an alcoholic, not smoking, and not becoming obese. Living in the countryside seems to be healthier than living in the city, and spending time around women is a predictor of long life in men. Ultimately, of course, factors may be outside of your control. Traits such as having a long-lived maternal grandfather or a history of mental illness are, after all, genetic. But it can’t hurt to strive for a healthier life nonetheless.