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How to Grow Fruit All Year Round

By | Jul 26th, 2016

You don’t need to own an orchard to grow it yourself! Here’s a list of delicious fruits you can have in your own garden.

Can you imagine how lovely it would be to walk out of your back door and pick blackberries from the trellis over your head? Well, you can! Or if you’re not into thorns, choose grapes or another less spiky vining fruit. Was your back garden was paved over by the lazy previous owners who were tired of mowing the grass? No worries! Container gardens are awesome, aesthetically pleasing, and if you make them nice and high there’s less back-ruining bending over to do. Stick some casters on the containers and wheel your delicate plants into the greenhouse during the winter – now you can grow even more kinds of fruit!

If you’re not in the contiguous US or Canada and want to know your hardiness zone, Wikipedia’s got your back.

Growing fruit is an investment in time and money no matter how you go at it, but you’ll not only harvest fresh, juicy fruit, you’ll harvest joy and satisfaction. But when should you reap that harvest? Our guide to when fruit is in season will let you know the right time to pick your fruit, and vegetable and herbs, too.