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How To Fold Clothes Like Marie Kondo

By | source:Here Aug 21st, 2019

Help! You open the door and have to tiptoe your way through the room because there’s not enough space for you to walk freely. There are books upon books upon books on your desk, and your bed has several piles of clothing. You cannot decide if you should place them in the “already full of discarded clothing” chair, or if you should sleep over them.

If this sounds familiar, then you’ve come to the right place. Worry no more, because you are about to learn to fold clothing like a pro. Your mom will not believe it, your friends will not believe it, you might not even believe it. You’ll be able to open a drawer and know, without having to unfold half your closet, where that black lacy shirt is.

Marie Kondo is all over the internet right now. She has a Netflix series called Tidying Up and is the author of a best-selling book. She’s a guru of home organization and an inspiration to many across the world. The best thing about her ways to tidy up is that they are honestly super easy, and they actually work.

Your room is your sanctuary, the place you often start and end your day. According to researchers, the space in which you spend most of your time and your behavior are related. In the long run, having a messy room will stress out your brain on a subconscious level. So, get ready to change your life one piece of folded clothing at a time.