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How To Fix Common Cooking Mistakes

By | source:Here Oct 10th, 2018

What’s the worst nightmare of every Italian? Let me tell you – it’s overcooked or soggy pasta. What about food that’s too spicy or salty? Find out how to fix these rookie mistakes. 

Things in the kitchen can go south really fast, and regardless of how experienced you are, there are some things you don’t have control of. Although the dish you messed up seems useless, you can easily fix it with some rather simple tricks.

Not many people know how to prepare pasta. Newbie chefs overcook it or make it soggy. Cook pasta like an expert by heating oil in a large shallow pan and add drained pasta. On the other hand, you should add plenty of salt to the water to prevent sogginess. 

Did you know that dairy in your overly spicy dish will make the food edible again? Or do you know how to fix an uneven cake? If not, make sure you check out the infographic and learn how to fix all of the 21 most common cooking and baking mistakes, including soft, chewy cookies that don’t spread all over your baking pan. 

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