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How To Find A Phone Number

By | source:Here Aug 22nd, 2017

When I get nostalgic I think of the days when I had to remember my friend’s phone number, or look it up in a phone book to call. Those were the days when landlines and payphones were everywhere.

After mobile phones were invented, there was a massive shift – now nearly half of Americans own only a cell phone without a landline.  As you’d expect 71% of millenials have cellphone only households, while even nearly a quarter of senior citizens also have adjusted to living a cell phone only lifestyle. Considering Americans change phones every 2.5 years or so, grandpa has proved to be fairly adaptable to change!

How do we search for a phone number?  Googling provides a surprising number of results, but alot of people share their numbers on social media.  Facebook allows automatic syncing of contacts and phone numbers, so you may find phone numbers just from profiles.  This is becoming increasingly popular, as 20% of teenagers share their cell phone number on profiles.

Once you’ve found the right number to dial,  here are some mobile manners to keep in mind!