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How to Cook Mushrooms like a Pro

By | source:BuzzFeed Jun 2nd, 2016

Fungi are weird and beautiful and enchanting, but even the edible ones don’t always taste good. I am chronically on the fence about whether or not I like mushrooms as food. I’ll have some mushrooms and they’ll be delicious, and I’ll think to myself “Ok, I guess I like mushrooms now,” but then I’ll have some that aren’t good at all and second guess myself. This infographic leads me to believe that the mushrooms I didn’t like may simply not be cooked well.

Mushrooms at their best can be as satisfying as a good steak and as flavorful as bowl of ramen. I encourage you to get out your cooking oil (I would lean toward olive or maybe coconut) and your salt and pepper and sauté, roast, and sear up some crisp, tasty shiitakes or chanterlles. Check the infographic source for more specifics on cooking each kind of mushroom.

And here’s a sweet little guide to edible mushrooms for you to look for in your garden, but double-triple check with an expert before you eat them because there are many poisonous wild mushies that look dang similar to the edible kind.