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How Much You’ll Need to Run to Offset Thanksgiving Meals

By | source:womensrunning Nov 26th, 2015

Are you completely stuffed yet? If not, get to it! You’re in a dining room with family you unfortunately haven’t seen in way too long. In front of you sits some of the nation’s most iconic dishes. Family style sets in and the race begins.

Your cousins dig the serving spoon into the mashed potatoes like a lion’s teeth in prey. Uncle John rips off the turkey leg with the authority of a man of law. The fruit salad is demolished by the young’ns and wine flows like water off glaciers.

Okay, maybe the picturesque Thanksgiving isn’t how we all experience it. Mostly it’s catch-up conversations with family members and the host family stressing out too much while trying to please everyone at once. Yes it’s stressful, yes we eat too much, but there is hope at the end of the tunnel. Running.

After your meal take time to assess how much exercise you’ll need to offset the extreme amount of calories you just put in your body. Today’s graphic will help you add up the time needed out shedding turkey fat.