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How Much Fruit Juice Is In Your Favorite Soft Drinks?

By | source:Here Aug 17th, 2017

I drink at least one Diet Coke a day. I’ve discussed it before on the blog––it’s probably not my best habit. At least I’m not drinking it for its health value.

Still, it’s disturbing to think that some fruit juices aren’t even made up of real fruit. Tropicana’s orange and mango juice is only 41% fruit juice––and that puts it in the top five of the drinks analyzed.

From Ocean Spray to San Pellegrino, fruit juices contain a disturbingly low amount of fruit. And Sunny D––known for being a delicious alternative to orange juice––is only 15% fruit juice.

Capri Suns are every kid’s favorite treat, but they’re disappointingly bad for you. The tropical flavor is about 1/10th fruit juice.

Now it’s time for the hall of shame. Coca-Cola Cherry, Gatorade Fruit Punch and Mountain Dew all contain no fruit at all. I’m not too surprised by the sodas, but with “fruit punch” in the name, you’d expect at least some of the good stuff.

Since you know you can’t count on your favorite drinks for your daily servings of fruit, it may be time for a trip to the grocery store. Check out which fruits are currently in season.