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This Is How Many Americans Use Their Phones On The Toilet

By | source:Here Nov 5th, 2017

Let’s say you’re heading to the bathroom to take care of some business. What are the necessities besides the obvious things?

It turns out that Americans need more than plumbing and hand soap––our cellphones are a must when it comes to bathroom time.

61 percent of people admit to using their cellphones on the toilet, and 43% say they do it regularly.

Things get a bit grosser from here. I’m all about being available and reliable, but nearly 1 in 3 people answer the phone while in the bathroom. Please do let me go to voicemail.

On this note, 44% of people have heard someone else flush the toilet while on the phone. (I’m unfortunately in this category.)

This may make you feel a bit icky, but nearly 1 in 10 people have dropped their phones in the toilet. At least you know that if it happens to you, you aren’t alone.

So what are people doing on the phone while in the loo? Most people are on Facebook or responding to text messages.

Though these stats are a few years old now, it’s probably safe to say cellphone addiction has if anything gotten worse.

Now that you know that it’s socially acceptable to use your phone while using the restroom, check out our guide to bathroom etiquette.