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How Logos Appeal to Consumers

By | source: Jul 15th, 2014

Logos are an extremely vital part of any business. They are the first visual projection of a company or product that the public eye sees. Living in the social media era, the importance of logos is at an all-time high. A logo should aim to capture the attention of the highest percentage of viewers’ idle visual perspective. Idle perspective could be anything from scrolling through news feeds on Facebook, to pictures of your best friend’s most recent food creation on Instagram.

Either way, the success of any given logo usually depends on a few main things: 1) Color; 2) Cost; and 3) Market Audience. According to Ruby Media Corporation, an online public relations and marketing business, color has a significant impact on the image and aura of a company’s logo. For example, the green woman in the Starbucks’ logo is supposed to make consumers feel calm, relaxed, and hopeful – exactly how someone in desperate need of a cup of coffee wishes they could feel. Coincidentally, the smooth, elegant, black lettering of Tiffany & Co.’s logo aims to make customers feel luxurious and exclusive.

Cost is also an issue in need of addressing when deciding on a company logo. Some of the most well-known business logos were created for nearly nothing. Phil Knight, the co-founder of Nike, paid an art student $35 to sketch up Nike’s iconic “swoosh” logo. On the other hand, the 2012 London Olympics paid a collection of artists more than $665,000 to design a logo that was to be used for less than three years.

Logos are undoubtedly an essential part of the business world, and it might be useful to take note of the different effects stimulated by a specific logo.