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How Instagram Dictates Fashion Trends

By | source:Here Sep 26th, 2017

If you spend even a few minutes on Instagram you will find yourself scrolling through pictures of food, babies, workouts, gorgeous scenery, vacation, art, clothes, you name it.Some of these Instagram users get paid to post, because at the end of the day, the intent is to get you to buy something.  Instagram is not just a free art museum.

Since Instagram is a highly effective visual medium,it’s only natural that fashion brands, models, and even you and me might use it to present fashion ideas. If you are past your 20s, then you certainly remember when the only trendsetters were A-list celebrities, members of royal families, and other rich folk. However, today pretty much anyone can post a picture of their outfit and inspire someone to dress similarly.

If you ever wondered how much impact these Instagram trendsetters exactly have, the numbers don’t lie.  1/3 of survey respondents actually have used Instagram within a retail store to help make a purchase decision.  You will also find how often we make purchases based on what we see on Instagram, and what type of content has the most influence on users.