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How Each Generation Exercises At Work

By | source:Here Dec 2nd, 2016

Some of us have jobs that keep us on our feet — shout-out to all of the waiters and valet drivers out there. But if you’re stuck at a desk all the time, how do you get in some exercise during the workday?

Believe it or not, it’s surprisingly easy to work out while you work — your desk job isn’t an excuse. Interestingly enough, your age might determine what exercises you choose. According to a survey from FitRated, baby boomers are most likely to take dance breaks or take occasional short walks. (Time to let Mom and Dad know to get their boogie on while on the clock.)

If you’re part of Generation X and want to fit in with your peers, walk up and down the stairs or work at a treadmill desk.

Subtle exercise isn’t for everyone: Millennials choose sit-ups, yoga and push-ups when they’re sweating at work. Some millennials even opt to jump rope during the workday.

If you need some extra motivation to start exercising, check out this infographic on how being active makes you a happier person.