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How Does Netflix affect Buzz?

By | source: Mar 27th, 2013

I won’t be the first to say it, but Netflix is a great thing. Growing up in the country without cable was rough. Driving half an hour or more just to rent a movie was always a pain. Once we got Netflix however, my parents and I could enjoy quality cinema and television at home every week (and no, I’m not being paid to say this, I just really like Netflix). Looking back though, it seems like we might have been ahead of the curve. TV is beginning to be consumed differently these days.

Take House of Cards for instance. This is the first big-series release from Netflix. With Kevin Spacey and David Fincher’s involvement, the series has had a major draw. In fact, upon it’s release, House of Cards had the highest percentage of overall buzz within the first week of its premiere on Twitter. But since the series was released in ‘bulk’ (all episodes available at once), it did not carry momentum. In fact, the online conversation has decreased at a much higher rate than other similarly popular series.

So what does this mean for a show maintaining relevance? Certainly quality will speak for itself in the long run; but there is a certain excitement in the ritual of a weekly viewing time. What do you think? Is primetime a thing of the past? Let us know your opinion by commenting below!